NAMI Eastside educational programs offer opportunities to learn more about mental illness and mental health issues in a variety of ways: presentations, courses, books, videos, periodicals, and brochures.


All our educational programs are supported by donations and grants. All programs are free of charge.


NAMI Eastside is an affiliate of National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Contact us for more information about educational programs at:






The NAMI Eastside Lending Library provides books, videos, and journals available to loan at no charge. This resource includes information on a wide range of topics important to anyone seeking to increase their knowledge about mental health diagnoses, recovery, and coping skills for individuals, family and friends.


Brochures are provided free of charge at the NAMI Eastside office concerning support groups, and educational programs for anyone seeking an excellent overview, or starting point to learn about mental health issues.


Anyone interested in more information or in donating books or videos related to mental illness to our library, please contact us.


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