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Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all those affected by mental illness through advocacy, education and support.

NAMI EASTSIDE Presents 5th Annual Children’s Conference

Advocating for Struggling Students

Experts in the field of mental health and education come together to provide information and resources to help students achieve success in school and in life!

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When?: Saturday, March 7th, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Where?: Northshore Community Church, 10301 NE 145th St. Kirkland, WA  98034

Keynote Speaker: Christopher McCurry, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Author
Everyday strategies for neutralizing worries and anxiety: How mindfulness, acceptance, and attention to positive goals can improve the quality of kids’ lives. Dr. McCurry will describe:
        The natural origins of anxiety and stress
        How anxiety and stress trigger old, ultimately unhelpful behavior patterns that make up the parent and child “Anxiety Dance”
        Recent applications of mindfulness and attention control in managing unhelpful thoughts and feelings
        Parenting strategies that help kids navigate anxious situations; includes appreciating the difference between “problems” and “conditions”, validation or mirroring, increasing awareness, and redirection of attention toward problem solving or coping. 
        Strategies children can employ to be successful when strong emotions show up; includes breathing and other decentering techniques, “changing the channel”, and managing one’s attention rather than trying to manage one’s emotions
        Handouts describing validation and breathing techniques will be provided

Steven Behling, Ph.D. Board Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist
Recognizing Mental Health Concerns in Children and Adolescents
This presentation seeks to:
·         help parents, caregivers, and educators improve their capacity to identify children and students in need of professional mental health intervention
·         prepare the child for professional intervention
·         successfully locate and select a therapist.
Jennifer S. Kennett, MA, MBA, LMHCA
Parenting & the Teenage Brain
You will come away from this workshop understanding:
·         The five key parts of the brain responsible for thinking and feeling, and what happens when your brain is ‘emotionally hijacked’ during highly stressful situations.
·         Three reasons why the brain transforms between ages 11 and 25, and the implications for parenting.
·         How to support and encourage your teen to make thoughtful and effective decisions.

Laura Doerflinger Schneider, MS, LMHC
Bullying is NOT a Rite of Passage!
This presentation will address:
·         What is the problem?
·         What are we doing about it? What is working?
·         How do we help the victim? How do we help the bully?
·         How do we decrease incidence of bullying?

Janice Schutz, Certified Peer Counselor and Parent Partner
The 123's of IEP's from a Parent’s Perspective
Learn what special education is:
·         The difference between a 504 plan and an IEP
·         The step by step process of creating an IEP
·         Resources to help you with this process

Zoe Pilgrim-Placey, M.Ed. 
School Support Specialist Lake Washington School District
Navigating Special Education in the Public Schools
Participants will learn:
·         Participants will be able to understand the difference between an accommodation and a modification.
·         Participants will learn when to access DSHS and other Transitional services if needed
·         What it means to be a positive IEP team member.

Charlene Ray, MSW, LICSW, Island County Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
School Based Mental Health Services- Meeting Children Where They Are
Participants will understand:
·         the first steps in how to provide mental health services effectively in a school setting
·         Participants will learn at least three techniques that are effective in group work in the schools
·         Participants will be able to identify at least three different ways to engage with students in a school setting

CEU’s and clock hours available upon request.
This event is free and costs are supported by our generous sponsors and donations.

Lunch will be provided for a suggested contribution of $5.00
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June 6th 2015 at Marina Park in Kirkland

For more details, please visit NAMI official website: NAMI WALK

Guest:        Dr. Elizabeth McCauley, PHD, ABPP

 Date:          Tuesday, March 17, 2015,  7 PM - 9 PM

 Location:  Evergreen Health Medical Center,
                   Suite Tan 100, 12303 NE 130th
                   Lane, Kirkland, WA 98034


Dr. McCauley, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Washington, Associate Director of Child Psychiatry, Seattle Children’s Hospital, leads a research program designed to characterize the development, course, and management of clinical depression in youth.

She is currently engaged in a series of NIMH supported investigations exploring familial
patterns of depression, developmental pathways of depressive and co-occurring conduct problems, efficacy of a school-based preventive intervention for youth at risk of depression, and of treatments for youth struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Dr. McCauley will discuss:
 Recognizing depression
 Adolescent vulnerability
 Signs and symptoms
 Variable presentation and course
 Risk factors;
 Biological—genetic, temperament (emotion regulation/reactivity)
 Environment—loss, abuse, neglect, demoralization, bullying,
 Cognitive Style—negative cognitive style, hopelessness
 Prevention strategies
 Getting help: Intervention—what works and who it works with

Please join us at this FREE educational event. Open to the Public.

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Guest: Dr. Travis Osborne, Ph.D. specialist in anxiety
and related problems in adults and older adolescents

Date:       Tuesday, February 17, 2014,  7 PM - 9 PM

Location: Evergreen Health Medical Center, Suite Tan 100,
12303 NE 130th Lane,
Kirkland, WA 98034

Hoarding Disorder officially became recognized as a distinct mental health problem in 2013. Research on hoarding and the treatment of hoarding has advanced significantly over the last decade. This presentation will provide an overview of the features of Hoarding Disorder, as well as the current status of research on how to treat this problem. This presentation is 
appropriate for both individuals with hoarding problems, as well as family and friends of
 individuals with hoarding problems.

Travis Osborne, Ph.D. is a specialist in the evidence-based treatment of anxiety and related problems in adults and older adolescents. He has considerable training and experience in cognitive-behavioral and exposure-based treatments for anxiety disorders. Dr. Osborne is particularly passionate about the treatment of OCD and hoarding disorder. He is a graduate of the International OCD Foundation’s Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI), volunteers his time as a consultant to the OCD and Hoarding Support Group of Seattle, and is the co-founder and co-director of Camp DCO, an annual camp for teenagers and young adults with OCD. He has also been featured as a therapist on the television shows “Extreme OCD Camp” on BBC3 (British Broadcast Channel 3) and “Hoarding: Buried Alive” on TLC (The Learning Channel). 

Please join us at this FREE educational event. Open to the Public.

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